Hi, I'm Becky Dyroen-Lancer

In 1996, I won an Olympic Gold Medal as member of the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team.

Since then, I have evolved into a busy mom, juggling life, health, job and family. I'm obsessed with practical health solutions for busy women, like myself.

I started Health Guru Gal to help women find easy strategies that actually work in "real life", to lose weight, heal their gut, increase energy, reduce stress, conquer overwhelm, and feel confident & beautiful!

I know you have AMAZING inside of You!

and it is OK to want more...
More for yourself
More for your family
More health
More freedom
More travel
More resources
More (you fill in the blank)...

It all begins with mindset

It's time to MUTE your 
& begin listening to your
to accomplish anything! (whether big or small)

A healthy, successful life begins with a positive mindset!

1996 Olympic Team Synchronized Swimming

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